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What We Do
  • We focus on five major businesses: product and service agency and promotion, Technology Agency and promotion, technical consultation, undertaking work packages, technology short-term courses.

    【Product and service agency and promotion】
    We can be the exclusive or non-exclusive agent of your products or services to help you rapidly expand your business in China. Depending on our network in the aerospace&aviation industry, we will quickly build your business in China and make it a leading position in the industry.


    【Technology Agency and promotion】
    If your business is technology development and technology licensing, we will find you the most valuable partners and buyers in the industry.


    【Technology and engineering consultation】
    At the same time, with the huge demand of technology and engineering consultation from the aviation industry, we can seamlessly connect your services with the demanders and manage the projects. Based on our managers'strong aeronautical technology background and experience, our project management level will be very high, and project risk can be well controlled.


    【Undertaking work packages】

    Similarly, we can receive engineering design and manufacturing work packages from the aviation industry. Thanks to our ability and experience, you and your team can complete these tasks overseas. Through online video conferencing and a small amount of on-site communication, the project can be successfully completed, which will greatly improve efficiency and allow you to create more value.


    【Technology and Engineering short-term courses】

    In many cases, engineers need technical training, which is not necessarily completed by University professors. They may need consultants with practical engineering background to train. If your team or company provides such training, we can help you build customer relationships and organize such training.

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