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About MicroWing
  •         MicroWing is based in Shanhai and to assist international organization and companies to link to Chinese aerospace&aviation industry. MicroWing is founded by a Management Team leaded by CEO Guilin Wu and an Inverstment Team leaded by Mr. Jin Li.We believe that it creates values both to international companies and chinese aviation industry, in such a fast moving globalized bussiness enviroment, if we can improve the cooperation level between chines aviation industry and the world.

         The management team of MicroWing comprise of members with both interntional version and extensive experiences on chinese aviation industry. CEO Guilin Wu was graduated from Cranfield University in UK and has more than 15 years experience working for  AVIC and COMAC, which are the "BIG 2" of chinese aerospace&aviation industry. Some other management members are  from airlines in China and authorities such as CAAC. MicroWing is building a project management team who's members are all with aeronautical professional background and technical management experience.

        This unique position enable MicroWing to assist international aerospace&aviation organization to expand your business in Chinese market. We bring you the opportunities, assist you to establish the initial contact to your potential customers, assist you to maintain your reputation and good relationship with your clients. We also assist you to transfer potential opportunities into real business, assist you manage the projects, reduce costs, save time and control risks.

        We are looking forward to working with you and please feel free to contact us if you  need any assistance to expand your business in Chinese aerospace&aviation market! 

Our Partners

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